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Mobile Store in NAPA TRUCKS

The title of the project:

Implementation of the system MOBILE STORE ON-LINE for ABRA into the store of replacement parts in the areal of NAPA TRUCKS spol. s r.o.



Name and address of the company:

NAPA TRUCKS spol. s r.o., Semtín 100,

533 53 Pardubice

The company NAPA TRUCKS spol. s r.o. deals in particular with purchasing and selling of trucks DAF and NISSAN, with selling replacement parts for these vehicles and providing full service for these trucks. Furthermore it offers replacement parts for most other brands within the scope of the program TRP (Truck Related Parts).


Name and address of the company:

CODEWARE, s.r.o.

The company CODEWARE, s.r.o. belongs to the leading suppliers of identification systems. Mostly it uses barcodes, magnetic and RFID identification for identification in the information systems. The company has a department for implementation of the information systems, a department for both wholesale and retail sale, and a service department. CODEWARE, s.r.o. created the famous logistic solution Mobile Store that solves all the important storage processes. The company has its own store of equipment and an authorized service for the companies CipherLab, Honeywell (Metrologic), Argox, and Opticon.


The place of the project realization: Pardubice.


The aims of the project:

Securing the storage system with the software package MOBILE STORE ON-LINE and the ABRA G3.



Reception and distribution of products from the store, transfer of items between the stores and stock-taking is secured by the use of two terminals CPT-8370L connected via WiFi Access Points to the system MOBILE STORE ON-LINE, that cooperates with the ABRA system.

The labels for the selected products are printed on the thermal transfer printer Argox A200. Some products are identified by barcodes from the manufacturer or the supplier. The barcodes are scanned by the terminals CPT -8370L that have a built-in barcode reader. Using a simple application on the terminals it is possible to manage the items in the same way as on a PC with the appropriate software. The terminal processes the scanned data and sends them to the MOBILE STORE ON-LINE system, that will send the data to the ERP system ABRA over the AbraOLE interface.



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