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Referential installation

  • Golf Club Hostivař, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Golf resort Kunětická Hora, Czech Republic
  • Golf Club Divoká Šárka, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Albatross Golf Resort, Vysoký Újezd, Czech Republic

At the beginning of 2006 the CodeWare company was contacted by several golf clubs. They required an automated system based on the identification technology. The aim was to improve the efficiency of the booking system and automation of several other proccesses (e.g. entry to the car-park, the issue of a new balls, the use of the dressing room etc.). Of course the golf club image of , its prestige and the satisfaction of the regular members with the provided service also played an important role. The CodeWare took an advantage from its rich experience with many previous projects of access and ticketing systems. In a short time of four months a modular system was developed. It was flexible enough for different customers with different levels of  current system automatization. At the same time the modular concept allows delivery of only one separated part implemented into the current customer\'s system (e.g. automated balls feeder accepting member\'s RFID card), as well as a complete solution joined with hardware and software delivery.

System architecture

The booking system is based on the database server which is connected to internet, which grants the registered users access directly from their home; and also to the hardware infrastructure of various automats in the golf course.

golf-system Regular golfers of the club are supplied with a RFID chip or magnetic card during the new member registration. Then they can use it to open doors, to enter latches at parking lots, to lock the locker in the dressing room, to operate the feeding automats, to pay in the member's shop and to do many other things.

The system allows to add new member ID's (the number scanned from the chip or the card), to automatically or manually delete the records after the golfer leaves the course, to edit member's parameters in the database (the name, the card ID, ...), to create and manage customer's credit account that the golfer can use when paying for various services or goods in the golf course area. Also, any member's card can be associated with the amount of  time tha t the holder is allowed to spend in the area (time from-to or one day ticket, one week ticket, ...). Possible overstay is paid before the player exits the course area. All the operations can be processed either locally through a Windows client application or remotely via an internet interface. The registered members of the club can login to the system from the internet and modify their personal information or book the links for a particular date and hour. Such a booking can be modified by the customer until a certain time. Too late cancellation of previously ordered services may be paid from the member\'s credit account.



It is possible to use and combine several identification technologies in one area. On the left picture you can see balls feeding automat equipped with a barcode scanner. On the right picture is the same kind of automat but equipped with a RFID tags reader.

automat-barcode   automat-rfid


If you are a member of a golf club ...

How does it work in real life if you are s member of s golf club equipped with such technology?

Let\'s say you\'re talking over the phone with your friend and you\'re considering playing golf two weeks later. Your computer is already switched on so you open a internet browser while you\'re talking with your friend and login to the member\'s part of the web site of your golf club. The golf links are available on Saturday from 11 AM to 3 PM - that\'s wonderful! Then you book a car-park place, the dressing room, balls and links for four people. Your will sldo take your son and your friend will go with his wife. Later in evening you transfer some money from your bank to your golf club member's account because you noticed your current credit amount might not cover all the expenses of the scheduled match. Of course you may pay the difference at the ticket office on Saturday but you don\'t like to pay in cash.

You come in your car on Saturday. The entry latch of the club's parking lot goes up immediately after you present your member\'s card. You are sure you will find an empty place because you booked one from your home. Then you walk from your car directly to the dressing room. You don\'t have to go to the ticket office. The entry turnstile lets you in right after you present your card. By the way, your card is the contactless RFID one so you don\'t have to look for it among your documents. You simply put your whole wallet close to the reader without opening it. In the dressing room you can use any vacant locker and then you lock it again with your member\'s card. Eventually you withdraw the playing balls from the feeding automat, then a little refreshment from the buffet, and you\'re ready to go to the golf course.
In the afternoon you\'re a little bit tired after the game so you go to the club's restaurant with your friends for beer and juice.

You don\'t need to bring any cash or credit cards. Your member\'s card with the RFID chip is enough. Do you need a receipt or a bill? You can print it at your home. It includes a detailed list of all the goods and services you paid for.

golf_player1 You have to present your member card to the balls feeding automat.

Now wait a moment please ...
  golf_player2  ...  and it works!

Our customer has the highest priority. You can count the balls if you don\'t believe the quantity is correct.


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