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Receipt printers

Printers of receipts are used to print a receipt, invoice or promotional event or other information.

Birch Mobile POS printer

Portable, wireless receipt printer and barcode, very small dimensions at a very affordable price, it is Birch BM-i02. With its compact size, flexible connectivity and simple operation you can have it always with you, as you and customers will appreciate.

Birch CP-Q3 POS Receipt Printer with autocutter, black

Birch CP-Q3 is the ideal desktop printer for POS kits, include these with iOS operating system. The model with the extended Bluetooth communication interface suitable for tablet solutions. The ideal combination of high quality and reliability at a great price, which is perfectly applicable in any retail environment and certainly find its fans among customers.

Birch POS Receipt Printer with autocutter BP-T3

PRP-T3 is improved POS Printer PRP-003. From its predecessor it inherits a very attractive price and quiet operation, uses the same consumables and it has almost the same shape and control. The main differences from PRP-003 are multi-interface RS232-USB-ETHERNET and faster print speed. PRP-T3 is equipped with a jack to open the cash drawer and automatic cutter.

Epson Thermal Receipt Printer TM-T20II

Epson‘s cost-effective, energy-efficient TM-T20II thermal printer is ideal for low-volume retailers, food service and virtual terminal applications. It combines basic POS printing functionality with high reliability and ease-of-use features.
Birch CP-Q1 POS Receipt Printer with autocutter, USB+RS232+LAN, black WE RECOMMEND

Birch CP-Q1 POS Receipt Printer with autocutter, USB+RS232+LAN, black

Fast, compact, reliable POS receipt printer Birch CP-Q1 ensures excellent performance at print speeds up to 260 mm/sec. The printer is 3-in-1 interface and user-friendly - supports RS232, USB, LAN. Birch CP-Q1 has the line-bar paper see-through design on the cover, which is helpful to see the paper roll status.

Birch IT606 Mobile computer with built-in thermal printer

The IT606 mobile computer with Android OS and built-in receipt printer is a great choice for business people who want to be mobile and comply to EET conditions properly.

Birch QX3 Cube POS Receipt Convertible Printer with autocutter, USB+LAN, black

The Birch QX3 is a powerful and fast printer with very cube design built-in the metallich inner mechanism to assure of the printing stability and reliability. With the very small foot-print design which can meet for most of the working environment. Thanks to the convertible printing output which allows QX3 printer supports the front printing outputs and top printing outputs, then the customers can be more flexible. The printer offers a choice of three different paper widths to save you money.


Birch Thermal Receipt Printer with autocutter, ceramic knife FINAL SALE

Birch Thermal Receipt Printer with autocutter, ceramic knife

Fast and powerful POS printer Birch BP-F03BR with a ceramic knife and a front opening for easy introduction of paper roll. The knife guarantees 1.8 million cuts. It is characterized by memory size of 4MB and a print speed of 300 mm / second. It fits in very demanding environments where users need fast and trouble-free printing. It supports printing barcodes and connection via USB 2.0 and RS232.

Birch CP-Q2 POS Receipt Printer with autocutter, black

Durable, compact, reliable POS receipt printer. Birch CP-Q2 is built with exceptional price/performance ratio in mind, it ensures best-in-class performance and durability.
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