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Honeywell MK-3480 Quantum, RS232/LTPN, OEM

Honeywell Quantum-E MK-3480 is a high performance barcode readers with omni-directional using laser diodes. They are ideal for mounting on various machines installed in machines, production lines. Allow attachment to the wall, use find in shops for the sale or price control. Honeywell MK-3480 Quantum, RS232/LTPN, OEM
Honeywell MK-3480 Quantum, RS232/LTPN, OEM
ico ARTICLE No.: MK3480-30C41
Availability: Product discontinued - can not be ordered

Warranty (months): 24

Product discontinued - can not be ordered
Package content: RS232 interface cabel, Device itself, Power supply
Weight: 1.05kg
The Quantum's housing design provides additional protection and durability to withstand the rigors of even the busiest point-of-sale environment.
The main highlights are:
  • automatic activation of laser beam with an IR sensor (Honeywell's patent);
  • operates in frost down to -20°C;
  • can be switched into a single-line scanning mode at anytime;
  • lower price and almost two times longer depth of scanning field than Honeywell Cubit (used for the same target applications);
The depth of the scanning field is almost two times larger in comparision with the previous model with the same target applications (MS 6520 Cubit).
The Honeywell Quantum-E is designed to be mounted into manufacture belt lines and into different auto-scanning machines (such as car-park, document scanning units etc.)
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