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High frequency RFID reader (HF - 13.56 MHz) - protocols Mifare, iCLASS, DESFire, ISO14443A, ISO14443B, ISO15693 and compliant. Read and write distance in HF RFID technology is usually 10 cm but can be up to 1 meter depending on the size of the antenna and on the surrounding environment.

Birch RFR811 NFC reader/writer 13.56 MHz, USB

RFR811 is a tiny NFC card reader, which is designed for the applications for handy terminals or custom-built for system integrators. We offer technology documents and SDK to help customers to make their own things easier. Users can easily connect it with either UART or USB interface by through FPC connector.

TSS Company DUR-120 Desktop RFID UHF reader

DUR 120 is a UHF RFID desktop reader that allows the easiest way of integration of RFID technology into everyday use. The reader is powered and controlled directly by an USB interface or Ethernet, thus allowing reading EPC Class 1 Gen2 UHF RFID tags

Elatec RFID Reader TWN4 125kHz+13.56MHz, USB

Multifrequency RFID reader and writer from both the low frequency (LF) and high frequency (HF) bands, including NFC is also compatible with over 60 of the most common RFID technologies currently being used around the world. This provides the option to select as many of the technologies required instead of being forced to select just a few like most other readers.


Deister UDL5 - RFID UHF Reader

UDL5 is small (as notebook mouse) RFID reader of UHF tags for reading and writing RFID tags anywhere.

UDL50 - Desktop RFID UHF Reader

The UDL50 RFID reader/writer is designed for personalizing and testing UHF transponders, nevertheless, with it's Ethernet interface option, it can be used also as near-band interrogator in kiosk application, in light-industry or at a point of sale in order to register goods, save data or to kill transponders with a special key enabled command.
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