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CipherLab RFID UHF gun for RK25, 865 MHz - 868 MHz, EU Kit

CipherLab RK 25 UHF RFID reader provides an add-on RFID solution by adding CipherLab RK25 mobile computer onto it. The RK25 UHF RFID reader is a compact and cost-effective way for adding mobile RFID read/write capability to existing investment on RK25 device - bringing productivity and efficiency to inventory management tasks in a simple way. CipherLab RFID UHF gun for RK25, 865 MHz - 868 MHz, EU Kit
CipherLab RFID UHF gun for RK25, 865 MHz - 868 MHz, EU Kit
Availability: 1 pcs

Warranty (months): 12

839,-  exclude VAT
1 015,1 incl. VAT

Package content: Device itself, Battery, Power supply, Charging cradle
Weight: 0.3kg
Whenever RFID capabilities are needed, user can just simply slide RK25 mobile computer onto the RK25 UHF RFID reader. With a direct electrical 8-pin connection with the host device, users can enjoy more stable and secure data collection and software upgradability for RFID reader. It is on user’s demand to easily switch between RFID reading and barcode scanning.
The RK25 UHF RFID reader complies with EPC Global Gen2 v2 standard and the RFID reader can read RFID tags in common supply chain. The Gen2 v2 standard can satisfy higher security and privacy requirements, which is ideal for applications such as retail and healthcare.The RK25 UHF RFID reader has the high-speed ability to read over 700 tags per second with a reading range of over 8 meters. It does more than satisfy the long-range reading demands of the warehouse/in-store inventory management.
Ruggedness and Ergonomic Design
The RK25 UHF RFID reader inherited CipherLab’s rugged mobile device designs so users can operate it without worry. It features IP54 ruggedized design which prevents infiltration of dust and water. It passes a 1.2-meter drop resistance test to withstand occasional and accidental drops in all kinds of working environments.
The ergonomic design of a slimline grip with a comfortable trigger makes intensive scans of RFID and 1D/2D barcode data collection simple for the users.
Main Features of the UHF RFID Gun for CipherLab RK25
  • attractive price/performance ratio
  • multi-tag reading capability
  • triggerless mode enables continuous RFID scans
  • Lock/Unlock capability - data on tag is encrypted and locked for security to prevent threats such as information leakage
  • EPC Global Gen2 v2 standard
  • reads 700+ tags per second with a reading range over 8 meters
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