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Labels & tags

We offer a wide range of labels and for thermal transfer and thermal printers: paper labels (matt, gloss, polished, color), thermal labels, plastic labels, security labels (VOID), sew-on fabric labels, cardboard tags, etc. On request we supply labels according to customer requirements. CODEWARE advises you which kind of material to use for what type of TTR ribbon. CODEWARE has experience in printing of various specials materials. CODEWARE know also how to sett the printers for a specific typ material because in this cases lot of things influents the print.

Satin ribbons for printing

Satin ribbons for printing are high quality, smooth and very glossy. They can be printed very well on a thermal transfer printer.
Self-adhesive labels 22 mm x 10 mm, white sealing, 2500 pcs/roll (price for 1000 pcs) FINAL SALE
Self-adhesive labels 30 mm x 20 mm, oval-silver datapol, price for 1000 pcs (2000 pcs/roll) FINAL SALE

Self-adhesive labels 32 mm x 16 mm, white paper, 5000 pcs/roll, ( price for 1000 pcs)

Role of labels dedicated for thermal-tranfer reprint, 5000 pcs/roll

Self-adhesive labels 32 mm x 25 mm, white paper, 3000 pcs/roll, (price for 1000 pcs)

Role of labels dedicated for thermal-tranfer reprint, 3000 pcs/roll

Gateway RF Security Label 40mm x 40mm, white, 1000 pcs/roll

RF Label, frequency 8,2 MHz, deactivatable, printable with thermal transfer printer.
Self-adhesive labels 60 mm x 30 mm, yellow PE, price for 1000 pcs (1000 lbl/roll) FINAL SALE
Self-adhesive labels 70mm x 70mm, thermo top, 1000 lbl/roll (price per 1000pcs) FINAL SALE
Self-adhesive labels 75 mm x 49 mm, red PE, price for 1000 pcs FINAL SALE

Garden hangers 22mm x 212,7mm, 4 rows, 1000 lbl/roll, price for 1000 pcs

Garden plastic tags for labeling trees and shrubs. The material is water-resistant PE foil, partially tear-resistant.
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