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Opticon PX-100, 1D barcode scanner for mobile phones

Opticon PX-100 is a miniature scanner that can connect to your mobile phone, or tablet running on Android (version 4.4.4 - 8.1). Despite the fact that their properties does not replace full-featured terminals designed for demanding applications, is perfectly suited for situations where there is no need protection against water and shocks. PX100 scenner is suitable for demanding applications such as inventory at small stores or record the movement of goods in the companies, but the list of possibilities is much broader. Opticon PX-100, 1D barcode scanner for mobile phones
Opticon PX-100, 1D barcode scanner for mobile phones
ico ARTICLE No.: PX100-1D
Availability: 6 pcs

Warranty (months): 12

70,4  exclude VAT
85,2 incl. VAT

Weight: 0.15kg
The scanner plugs into the 3.5 mm slot for headphones, reading 1D barcodes at speeds up to 300 scans per second and can read from and LCD screens. Charges for about 3 hours using a Micro USB cable and can last up to 60 hours in stand-by mode or 500 code reading.
Key features readers Opticon PX-100:
  • CCD scanner 1D barcodes
  • smallest scanner
  • suitable for mobile phones and tablets
  • user-friendly controls
  • reading speed up to 300 scan/sec
  • suitable inexpensive environment
  • can read from LCD screens
  • SDK is available for Android
  Android application is available for download on the Google Play Store
Virtual Keyboard
Application Termi
rm3 The applications do not work from Android 9.0+
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