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CipherLab CPT-8770 Portable terminal, XL-Laser, WLAN, BT, 12MB, 24k., Pistol

Robust and productive, the CipherLab 8700 Series is designed to perform optimally in extreme surroundings encountered in the manufacturing, transportation and logistics businesses. Certified with IP64 rating, 1.5 m drop test and 1000 tumbles at 1 m, the 8700 series is able to operate between -20°C and 55°C, delivering reliable and powerful data processing wherever required. CipherLab CPT-8770 Portable terminal, XL-Laser, WLAN, BT, 12MB, 24k., Pistol
CipherLab CPT-8770 Portable terminal, XL-Laser, WLAN, BT, 12MB, 24k., Pistol
ico ARTICLE No.: A8770-XL-12M24KP
Availability: Product discontinued - can not be ordered

Warranty (months): 12

Product discontinued - can not be ordered

Weight: 0.9kg
With a wide range of wireless communications options - WPAN, WLAN, 3.5G WWAN, and GPS - the CPT-8700 series allows seamless communication anytime, anywhere. Various reader options, including long range laser, ensure the CPT-8700 series is ideal for inventory control, asset tracking, as well as warehousing and distribution operations in any harsh setting. Its RFID read/write capability also enables an alternative data collection approach to increase productivity. Along with customizable software to automate your business operations, you can connect to the back-end server via FTP, enabling faster data transmission and instant decision-making. Moreover, GUI Library, an optional SDK, provides versatile and faster development of Graphic User Interface (GUI). It also empowers touch screen applications, such as electronic signature capture, expandable software keypad, and multi-tab interface, ensuring greater efficiency and simplifying day-to-day operation.
In addition, the CPT-8700 series provides nearly 170* hours of operation in batch mode and 66* hours (CPT-8770) of continuous usage in WLAN mode, facilitating workflow without interruption.
Highlights of the terminal CipherLab CPT-8700 / CPT-8770
  • functionality up to 150 hours on one battery charge;
  • touch screen;
  • heated screen (useful for working in freezers and outdoors);
  • memory card slot for Micro SDHC;
  • graphical library allowing to develope environment similar to Windows Mobile;
  • number of options for built-in barcode scanner, card slot, RFID reader/writer and various wireless communication methods;
  • built-in GPS module option
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