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CipherLab CP55: Standard warranty extension to 5 years

CipherLab specifically constructed service program for mobile devices, to minimize downtime and reduce total cost of ownership for CipherLab’s devices. Be prepared for the possibilities of needing repairs and keep your business running smoothly by secure protection of your investments! CipherLab CP55: Standard warranty extension to 5 years
CipherLab CP55: Standard warranty extension to 5 years
ico ARTICLE No.: CP55-CSA-E5
Availability: Product discontinued - can not be ordered

Warranty (months): 60

Product discontinued - can not be ordered

Weight: 0kg
CODEWARE as an CipherLab authorized service center offers not only standard warranty and post-warranty repairs of products of that brand, but also an extended service program for mobile terminals. Intention of that program is to prevent critical situations caused by unexpected failure of the equipment, which many internal processes may depend on.
Description of the services covered by CipherLab Service Advantage
Standard warranty extension
  • warranty covers the same types of defects, which covers the standard warranty supplied free of charge when device is purchased
  • applies to hardware and firmware defects
  • does not apply to defects caused by wear or bad use
  • extension of the standard warranty must be purchased no later than 6 months after purchase of device
  • extended warranty period starts from the first day after the expiration of the standard warranty period
  • repair time is two weeks from receipt at CODEWARE
  • customer pays shipment to the service center, service center pays shipment back to the customer
Comprehensive warranty
  • applies to all kinds of defects including wear and damage caused by improper use or accidental breakage
  • comprehensive warranty must be purchased at the time of purchase of device
  • repair time is one week from receipt of RMA number through CipherLab eRMA internet portal
  • both shipments to the service center and back to the customer are arranged and paid by the service cente
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