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In this section you will find application software (print software, stock records) suitable for our products and various resources for developers (compilers, development libraries, literature). CODEWARE provides support for delivered devices and programs various applications. CODEWARE has a team of IT technicians able to program with different types of operating system (Windows, Android ...). CODEWARE systems are used by many customers here and abroad. Our software is for example, the Mobile Store - a warehouse management system, Terminal Architect - an application development system for any device in Windows or Android.

Codeware MOBILE OPERATOR - software for communication of wireless terminals with external database

Middleware for communication with wireless terminals CipherLab or terminals with compatible communication method. Allows you to set the method of processing the received data with instant obtaining of additional information from a number of sources of various types (SQL database, TXT/CSV file, a web service).

Codeware Custom tailored software

We will create software for your purchased mobile computers! Target operating system can be Android, Windows CE or Windows Mobile, respectively Windows Embedded Handheld.

Codeware Terminal Architect: software tool for creating app for mobile devices

Develop your application as easy as if you played lego! Terminal Architect is a software for creation and processing application´s schemas. You can create an application schema as easy as gaming a simple child game. Then you generate your application by click on the button and download the result to a mobile computer - the second and the last step.
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