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Touch POS & restaurant POS

Touchscreens are used mostly in shops, supermarkets, restaurants and accommodation.

Birch Amplitud 15,6" Touch POS system (TrueFlat, QuadCore J1900, 4GB RAM, SSD, P-CAP-touch, fanless), no OS

The modern all-in-one touch-screen system with a powerful QuadCore J1900 processor and 4GB RAM/64-128 GB SSD user memory is ideal for anyone, who appeciated professional features combined with state-of-the-art design and exceptional facilities. It offers a projected capacitive touch display for even better functionality and higher durability with multi-touch support.

Birch Czar 15" Touch POS system (TrueFlat, 2GB RAM, HDD or SSD), no OS

Touch POS system Czar is the more powerful brother of the modular POS system A8TS from the manufacturer Birch. Elegant, robust machine with a touch screen type tFlat resistant Spillage. You will appreciate the very good price / performance ratio.

Birch V-POS 15" Touch POS system, TrueFlat, no OS

Birch V-POS is positioned for its state-of-the-art design with powerful QuadCore J1900 processor inside for practical solutions. You will appreciate the very good price / performance ratio.

Birch TM-2600, TM-3600 POS Touchscreen Monitor, Trueflat

Touch POS LCD monitors are gaining increasing popularity due to its compactness, low power consumption and high ergonomical value. Monitor TM-2600 have a touch-screen with USB interface, and, if appropriate software, fully replaces a programmable POS keyboard.

Birch TM-80 Space saving VGA monitor, tFlat, 8", 800x600

Color LCD monitor with VGA 800x600 resolution, with USB connection and VESA mounting standard on the back provides versatil usage - space-saving POS monitor, monitor of a control computer in the production line, information display for kiosk applications, customer display connected to a cash register with capability of easy projection for images and videos.

Birch IT606 Mobile computer with built-in thermal printer

The IT606 mobile computer with Android OS and built-in receipt printer is a great choice for business people who want to be mobile and comply to EET conditions properly.


ES Neo Energy Tablet Tablet 10 "II 8GB Black (GK455d9d) FINAL SALE

ES Neo Energy Tablet Tablet 10 "II 8GB Black (GK455d9d)

The tablet is not sold separately! Order only with the C-frame.

Samsung Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 "8GB, black for X-frame (SM-T560NZKAXEZ)

Tablet is not sold separately! Only order with frame X-frame.
Birch TM-3000 17" LCD Touch Monitor, Touchscreen, Black FINAL SALE

Birch TM-3000 17" LCD Touch Monitor, Touchscreen, Black

Easily to use and user's friendly are the trend of the PC market. Inputs by TOUCH have been the market future. Based on our expertise in the touch controller field & touch LCD panels, Birch now released the new 4:3 TFT LCD panel with TOUCH, built in T2 Taiwan made powerful controller at the very competitive prices. It makes the inputs easily than ever.
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