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TSC TTP-246M Pro: Metal Industrial 203 dpi, DT/TT, up to 8 ips

Economic variant of the metal industrial barcode printer TSC TTP-2410M series with a robust print mechanism from cast aluminum. This model has less memory and runs at 8 ips. In all other parameters it is the same as the base model in its class, the printer TTP-2410M Pro. It is designed to meet the demanding requirements of identification systems and barcodes - for absolutely unbeatable price. TSC TTP-246M Pro: Metal Industrial 203 dpi, DT/TT, up to 8 ips
TSC TTP-246M Pro: Metal Industrial 203 dpi, DT/TT, up to 8 ips
Availability: Product discontinued - can not be ordered

Warranty (months): 24

Product discontinued - can not be ordered

Weight: 17.1kg
TTP-246M Pro standard features include internal Ethernet, USB 2.0
  • and RS232 keyboard connectivity, 32 MB SD
  • RAM, 8 MB Flash memory
  • , and an SD memory-card sl
  • ot for inexpensively addi
  • ng up to 4 GB of additional Flash storage. The
  • TTP-246M Pro supports up to a 600-meter-lon
  • g ribbon, along with a full 8.2-inch OD media ro
  • ll. An optional peel-of
  • f kit includes an internal rewinder
  • and a label peel-and-present sensor. The unit comes with a 2-year limited warranty. The TTP
  • -246M series is available in a 300-dpi model (TTP-344M Pro),
  • which operates at speeds up to 8 ips and can be ordered either from the factory or as a fie
  • ld upgrade. An upgrade kit, wh
h includes a printhead and firmware, takes 30 minutes to install. Th
e TTP-246M Pro is pac
work card as standard Thermal Smart Control technology greatly extends printhead life and ensures sharper printing optional PS / 2 keyboard interface for stand-alone printing powerful TSPL-EZ firmware to enable automatic recognition of ZPL (Zebra) and EPL (Eltron) programming options in BASIC Sample of connection the printer TTP-2410M with an electronic scale:
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