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Post-warranty service & repairs

Post-Warranty Service Rules

  1. Customer agrees that his personal data will be processed in the information system of CODEWARE, s.r.o. in the sense of Act No. 101/2000 Coll. 
  2. The service center is not responsible for the data stored in the repaired device.
  3. Customer agrees in cases of lack of spare parts to extend the expected date of repair to a maximum of 30 days (for warranty repairs).
  4. The fault diagnosis will be charged to the customer only in the event of repair when the customer asks for the device to be returned without repair or if the device can not be repaired. 
  5. In the event that the defect declared by the customer was due by pollution of the internal parts of the device, the cost of cleaning is paid by the customer. This operation is not considered a warranty repair within the meaning of the Civil Code. 
  6. CODEWARE, s.r.o. as an Authorized Repair Center has the right not to accept a warranty repair in the following cases: 
  • if unprofessional software or hardware intervention has been performed on the device;
  • the warranty seal on the device has been damaged or removed;
  • device defects are caused by an operator's usage which is inconsistent with the operating instructions;
  • device defects caused by mechanical damage (fall, stroke, shedding connectors, contacts burning, etc.).
  • there have been made modifications on a device or on its installation by a person other than a vendor's authorized repairer;
  • device defects are caused by transportation, inappropriate placement or storage in humid, dusty or chemically and otherwise unsuitable environments;
  • device defects are caused by discharged batteries;
  • device defects are caused by the penetration of foreign matter into the product (sand, ash, water, etc.);
  • the buyer claims a repair of the printer or the print head but does not use thermo-transfer ribbons directly delivered or approved by the vendor;
  • the buyer claims a repair of a print head defect but he uses the method of direct-thermal printing (such a printing method does not provide warranty);
  • the device was plugged into a non-compliant electrical network
  1. Devices that have been repaired are provided with the latest software version. Software properties may not always match the previous software properties (e.g., access to some features, changes in the user menu, etc.). 
  2. Requested change of the software version can not be considered a warranty repair. 
  3. The customer is required to check the external condition of the device instantly after repair, any later claims will not be taken into account. 
  4. We provide a warranty of 3 months from the date of pick up in accordance with Section 654 of the Civil Code. 
  5. The service center is always required to comply with the manufacturer's repair procedure.
  6. For cases that the customer does not pick up within 30 days from a message about completion of the repair, the service center is entitled to charge storage fee. After six months from a message about completion of the repair, CODEWARE, s.r.o. is entitled to sell or dispose the device at his own discretion.
  7. Transportation fee of the repaired device back to the customer is paid by the customer.
  8. By shipping or delivering the repaired goods to the customer, the customer agrees with these service rules.
  9. The current version of service terms & rules is available at