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TSC TTP-2410MT, TTP-346MT, TTP-644MT Metal Industrial Bar Code Printer

TSC’s TTP-2410MT die-cast aluminum label printer is designed to meet the most demanding bar-coding and identification requirements, offering more standard features than any comparable printer – without breaking your budget. The TTP-2410M boasts a print speed up to 14 ips ( 356 mm/sec) – the fastest in the TSC product lineup – and the fastest throughput of any printer in its class. With its combination of speed and durability, the TTP-2410MT is ideal for mission-critical printing applications – either on-demand or batch.

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TSC TTP-2410MT Metal Industrial 203 dpi, DT/TT, touch LCD, up to 14 ips FINAL SALE
TSC TTP-346MT Metal Industrial 300 dpi, DT/TT, touch LCD, up to 10 ips FINAL SALE
TSC TTP-644MT Metal Industrial 600 dpi, DT/TT, touch LCD, up to 4 ips FINAL SALE
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