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CipherLab Upgrade of the mobile computer firmware to Android 9

Upgrade of the Android operating system to a higher version is available for the devices with Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) certification

SilverBack Screen protection for CipherLab RS35

Protective film for CipherLab RS35 screen, hardness: 3H

SilverBack Screen protection for CipherLab RS51

Protective film for CipherLab RS51 screen, hardness: 3H

Codeware Custom tailored software

We will create software for your purchased mobile computers! Target operating system can be Android, Windows CE or Windows Mobile, respectively Windows Embedded Handheld.
Honeywell Dolphin 75e - Arm band FINAL SALE
Honeywell Dolphin 75e - Arm mount sled FINAL SALE
CipherLab Pistol grip for RS35 NEW

CipherLab Activation key for HTML5 Airlock Industrial browser (Android)

Airlock Browser is a web browser enhanced by special features that allows mobile computers to perform a particular software located on a remote Web site.

Honeywell Charging Cradle for ScanPal EDA70

Charging cradle for recharging tablet. Kit includes dock, power adapter, and power plugs for US, EU, UK, ANZ, and India. Supports data transfer through USB cable.

Honeywell Snap-on cup USB adapter for ScanPal EDA70

Snap-on cup with Standard Type A connector. Supports USB client.
Opticon H27 - replacement battery FINAL SALE
Opticon H27 - charging and communication cradle FINAL SALE

SilverBack Custom glove for mobile computer

One-size-fits-all fingerless glove (with or without clothing) on the left wrist and forearm. Allows hands-free work with a mobile computer.
CipherLab RS30 Recharchable battery, Li-Ion, 2400 mAh FINAL SALE
CipherLab Charging & Communication Cradle for RS30, used worn FINAL SALE

CipherLab Charging snap-on cable for RS30/RS31

Cable for recharging of the durable smartphone CipherLab RS30 through USB connector on your computer, laptop or on your 5 VDC adapter. The cable can not be used for communication between PC and the RS30 via USB!

SilverBack Hands-free Kit (glove+cover+trigger) for CipherLab RS31

Kit for attaching the CipherLab RS31 mobile computer to the wrist, with a start trigger for scanning barcodes. Suitable for releasing the operator's hands during storage operations.

SilverBack Protective cover with clip for CipherLab RS31

Protective cover with rear mounting clip for CipherLab RS31, made of high wear-resistant plastic. The bag can combined with fore-hand glove with an opposite mounting clip.

CipherLab Vehicle cradle for RS35

Versatile phone and navigation car holder GoGEN with variable dash or windscreen attachment. The kit also includes a GoGEN charger with three USB ports and a 1.2 m longr micro USB charging cable.

Carcomm Charging vehicle cradle for CipherLab RS50/RS51, fixed

A professional solution from a manufacturer that specializes in the production of automotive and vehicle accessories for mobile rugged terminals and EDA of the leading world brands.

Stylus for capacitive touch display, silver

The compact stylus suitable for the capacitive touchscreens of our supplied devices (such as rugged Android phones). It has a spherical end and a quality chassis, thanks to which you will be able to combine all the functions comfortably and precisely.

Zebra Tempered Glass Screen Protector for TC21/TC26

Tempered glass screen protector to provide an extra layer of ruggedness to the Gorilla Glass touch screen of the TC21/TC26. Provides an oleophobic layer to disperse finger oils.

Zebra Tempered Glass Screen Protector for TC20/TC25

Tempered glass screen protector to provide an extra layer of ruggedness to the Gorilla Glass touch screen of the TC2x. Provides an oleophobic layer to disperse finger oils.


CipherLab Protective frame for RS30 FINAL SALE
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