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Customer displays

Customer display displays increase customer convenience for shopping and serve to display prices or news, ads, events, etc.

Birch DSP-V9 VFD POS Customer Display

Birch DSP-V9 is a custom alphanumeric VFD display for cash, post and other offices at an unbeatable price. Displays 40 characters in two lines in large, highlighted letters. Controlled is via USB or RS232 in the standard command language of your choice (LD220, DSP800, UTC/S, ESC/POS, AEDEX, CD5220 and others). The device supports OPOS and JavaPOS drivers.

Birch TM-80 Space saving VGA monitor, tFlat, 8", 800x600

Color LCD monitor with VGA 800x600 resolution, with USB connection and VESA mounting standard on the back provides versatil usage - space-saving POS monitor, monitor of a control computer in the production line, information display for kiosk applications, customer display connected to a cash register with capability of easy projection for images and videos.
Birch VFD Customer Display, 2x20 characters FINAL SALE

Birch VFD Customer Display, 2x20 characters

Space-saving customer display for POS systems. VFD display is without a classical pole stand, on contrary to the other competing products, and if it is mount on the rear side of a POS monitor, it occupies no space at all.

Birch LCD-50 Color TFT LCD monitor with stand, 5", black, USB+RS232

You can't stop the development, text customer's displays are going into the past. They are replaced by graphic color LCD displays, one of the first is the Birch PD500 - a customer-friendly alphanumeric TFT-LCD display at an affordable price.


Birch DSP-800 VFD POS Customer Display

Customer alphanumeric VFD display. It can be placed at point-of-sale, post office or at any similar check-out location. It displays 40 characters in two lines using large, highly visible characters. The display is driven through USB or RS232 interface using standard Epson ESC/POS command language.

Birch DSP-880 VFD POS Customer Display

DSP-880 is designed for those who appreciate discrete professional combined with powerful functions and exceptional 2-in-1 interface( RS232 + USB). All available to make your applications simple and easy under the various working environment.
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