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CipherLab RS50: Rugged Smartphone, Android, 2D, WiFi dual band, WPAN, WWAN - 3G/LTE, RFID, NFC, USB Kit

CipherLab RS50 series is a new touch mobile computer, which is well-balanced between ruggedness and user-friendly form factor to deliver superior user experience. Tailored for user’s demands in logistics, field service, and warehousing, the RS50 series runs in Android 6.0 operating system and is equipped with a 4.7’’ multi-touch display, wireless communications, application software, and development tools. All these featured designs are protected under the industrial standard up to IP67 to assure the performance in any harsh environments. CipherLab RS50: Rugged Smartphone, Android, 2D, WiFi dual band, WPAN, WWAN - 3G/LTE, RFID, NFC, USB Kit
CipherLab RS50: Rugged Smartphone, Android, 2D, WiFi dual band, WPAN, WWAN - 3G/LTE, RFID, NFC, USB Kit
ico ARTICLE No.: RS50-2DR-U
Availability: 1 pcs

Warranty (months): 12

23 882,-  exclude VAT
28 897,2 incl. VAT

Package content: Terminal, Power supply, Interface and power USB cable, Battery
Weight: 0.5kg

Language: en
Velikost: 1.48 MB
MD5: 00ebc05989406b51123532bbf99120ca
The CipherLab's AppLock application is designed for Android. It is possible to use it to restrict user access to the applications and functions of the RS30, RS31, RS50, 9700A terminals.


Velikost: 2.74 MB
MD5: b87c1e47a28f7abbe637e7b8d7c91553
Datasheet for CipherLab RS50 rugged smartphone Download

Language: en
Velikost: 5.6 MB
MD5: 1966f84172548cd3cc29a4b9f8df8607
Software development kit (SDK) for programming the CipherLab mobile devices with Android OS. All of Cipherlab Android devices come with JAR files and DLL files for application developers. You can find it at the folder in your device: Reader API: CL_ReaderService_Data SAM API: CL_SAMService_Data For other functions, for example NFC, WiFi or Bluetooth API, please use standard Android APIs.


Language: en
Velikost: 1.71 MB
MD5: 80e52ce8108c4388b306d58370df1fb4
Android programming guide for CipherLab RS30, RS31, RS50, 9700A and RK25 mobile computers


Language: en
MD5: 0
Web browser for Android terminals CipherLab RS30, RS31, RS50 and 9700A supporting HTML5 and barcode scanner. Download


Language: en
Velikost: 3.03 MB
MD5: 9a08dcbd96d508dc4e8f01a85c637113
Application with a possibility to block a variety of functions fo Android terminals CipherLab RS30, RS31, RS50 and 9700A.

Language: en
Velikost: 16.36 MB
MD5: 378f4285baa5adc95a6b4c689d1eb554
Deployment tool for RS30, RS31, RS50, RK25 and 9700A terminals

Language: en
Velikost: 28.28 MB
MD5: 31ffe5b2a5f2b3d92fd45d708af65c9e
Terminal emulation for CipherLab Android mobile computers RS30, RS31, RS50, RS51, RK25, 9700A a RK95

Language: en
Velikost: 41.66 MB
MD5: 2b498a8166de482c45ba892237342325
APK package to install Airlock Browser on Android mobile computer. Download


Language: en
Velikost: 242.69 KB
MD5: 745484f5c0cdf31a078c95d978cecb52
CODEWARE certification as authorized distributor and authorized service center of the CipherLab prroducts Download
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