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Zebex Z-3220 CCD Bar Code Scanner, USB, black

The Zebex Z-3220 is designed as an entry bar code scanner. It offers an affordable solution to help businesses streamline workflow and boost efficiency on shop floors and at checkout stands. Lightweight and ergonomic, this CCD contact bar code scanner fits nicely in your grip and with any retail settings. Zebex Z-3220 CCD Bar Code Scanner, USB, black
Zebex Z-3220 CCD Bar Code Scanner, USB, black
ico ARTICLE No.: Z-3220-UB
Availability: 96 pcs and Ongoing

Warranty (months): 24

1 000,-  exclude VAT
1 210,- incl. VAT

Package content: Scanner, USB interface cable, Printed Quick Guide
Weight: 0.25kg


Language: en
Velikost: 119.66 KB
MD5: 16f12411e155e1e3e898846be960c0cc
Programming card


Language: cs
Velikost: 106.43 KB
MD5: fdde715e236f607a1c0c230849a09b54
Czech keyboard layout setup for Zebex scanners


Language: en
Velikost: 430.32 KB
MD5: 0afb83cdd9989ca0d253346d4eb39f22
Datasheet for CCD bar code reader Zebex Z-3220 Download


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MD5: 39c8bf14dc090088a52e4636fed0e5c9
Configuration manual for Zebex handheld bar code readers

Quick Guide_Gun Type Handheld CCD.Laser Scanner.pdf

Language: en
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MD5: bfd5dea4c441ea8bde1301321a60bfa9
Quick manual for Zebex handheld bar code readers


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MD5: 3819f82e8b908a206b56a21a63ada330

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MD5: 24aefef39bdf8f87cfd70588c4a957a0
Windows 32/64 bit (XP, 7, 8, 8.1) driver

Language: en
Velikost: 2.02 KB
MD5: 3fdc11ef896a879abcaf1cfaa0056218
Windows driver USB-VCP for Zebex bar code readers

Language: en
Velikost: 1.68 MB
MD5: d3d9419d56f0e344f79e8c66e31ab762
Eavesdropping Program COM port - suitable for use all readers emulation RS232, VCOM. (Transfer from RS232 to KBW)
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